Our consulting and consulting solutions cover the many problems that companies experience in business processes, analysis, risks, compliance, transactions and internal auditing.

Research Division

Our company seeks to achieve the highest quality standards, demanded by both the market and customers.


Our services meet the needs that companies experience in technology issues.


We have been successfully developing, for both national and international companies, the DUE DILIGENCE corporate integrity report.


Since the entry into force of the reform of the Criminal Code of 2010, the company is obliged (punishable) to establish control measures.


In-depth intelligence and due diligence for highly competitive and complex business situations.


Our service offer is reinforced by its range of auxiliary litigation support services, including digital forensics, electronic disclosure platforms, data analysis and intelligence gathering.


Based on a global network of contacts, our corporate investigations and asset tracking are unlimited.


We conduct research and develop technologies, capabilities and practices that organizations can use to develop incident response capabilities and facilitate forensic investigations.

About us

We are a company dedicated to the study and prevention of corporate risks, as well as the detection and neutralization of business fraud.

To this we must add his specialization in corporate and strategic intelligence, offering extensive expertise, objective perspectives, a personalized approach and unparalleled collaboration to help leaders face the future with confidence.






Fraud and disloyalty are avoided by having the right strategic intelligence services

Our corporate research team is made up of financial investigators, criminologists, economists, pollsters, analysts, lawyers, accident reconstruction specialists and computer engineers with experience in fraud prevention and neutralization.

In a globalized world where most of the processes are carried out through connection to computer networks, cybersecurity or information technology security has become one of the biggest challenges that any organization has to face.
In order to succeed in a globalized world, the identification, collection and analysis of intelligence sources is necessary to avoid economic losses and mitigate legal and political risks. We offer the best analysis to guarantee your goals.
Inves Compliance advises its clients in improving their strategy in order to reduce risks, improve performance and optimize business operations, build trust, improve reputation. We offer the excellence of our experience operating under the best business practices.


Money laundering: 60 arrested in Mallorca

The National Police has dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to money laundering from drug trafficking in Mallorca. The detainees diverted cash to Cuba, the Dominican Republic and the United States. 60 people have been arrested -55 on the island and five in...

59 arrested for money laundering

The Civil Guard has carried out the largest operation against money laundering from drug trafficking in the Campo de Gibraltar area. It has been called operation 'Domus', during which 59 people have been arrested, in addition to another 43 investigated, to end a money...

10 arrested for money laundering from drug trafficking

The National Police have arrested ten people in Almería and Roquetas de Mar accused of forming a corporate network with six "shell" companies and a front man network to launder money from alleged illicit activities, mainly drug trafficking, according to the...

Seven arrested in Murcia for appropriating 50 truck

Agents of the National Police have arrested seven people for their alleged participation in the misappropriation of 50 truck tractor units that were to be transferred to Madrid for subsequent sale. The detainees made use of Spanish traffic plates to cover the...

The Spanish Supreme Court raises a question referred to the CJEU

The Plenary Session of the First Chamber, Civil, of the Supreme Court has issued an order in which it asks the Court of Justice of the European Union several requests for a preliminary ruling on the prospectus to be published in case of public offer or admission to...

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