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Our corporate research team is made up of financial investigators, criminologists, pollsters, analysts, legal advisors, accident reconstruction specialists and computer engineers with experience in fraud prevention and neutralization.

Our reports are ratified before the Courts and Courts

Due Diligence

Inves Compliance offers its clients all the information necessary for decision-making about the companies and people with whom they carry out operations and may pose a risk to the stability of the companies. To do this, he proceeds in the different fields and conducts his investigations in a personalized and efficient way according to the client’s needs.

Our due diligence investigation includes:

  • Commercial and personal histories
  • Commercial and personal reputation
  • Background and complete information on civil and criminal lawsuits in all relevant areas where the Company or individual resides or has conducted business
  • Commercial links. Information of each and every one of the companies in which the individual or group of companies intervenes, with special mention to: foundational data, capital, shareholders, administrative bodies, activities, economic situation, ownership of real estate, commercial development, banking situation and credit, balance sheets and income statements, etc.
  • Financial and operational background
  • Conflicts of interest and disloyalty
  • Asset Identification
  • Contacts with industry or commerce sources
  • Contacts with Organizations with regulatory power
  • News that affects your reputation
  • Access to confidential sources
  • Red flags, inclusion in blacklists and links with PEPs
  • Optional country-risk report
  • (KYP-Know your Partner), suppliers, customers (KYC-Know your Client) and executives (Background Screening)

Trademark Protection

Inves Compliance has a consolidated experience and resources that ensure a company or organization protect its brand effectively and quickly.

The downward pressure on advertised prices is one of the most damaging things for a company’s brands and products, they are pushed to lower sales channels and get rid of product lines that do not protect their interests . Brand protection agencies together with companies establish, supervise and enforce policies that help a company and its brands meet their objectives. Once a policy has been established, the effective supervision and application of the same increases the value of a brand.

The world of electronic commerce is very broad and the effort to compile a complete list of online sellers can be very complicated. Our retail location service quickly compiles a list of all online vendors. The successful execution of your pricing strategy depends on your ability to react almost instantly to the price changes of your competitors. Reacting too slowly causes a risk of being out of the competition to sell, which can adversely affect your brand value.

The protection of the intellectual property of an organization is fundamental to its success. Experts help clients to face the many challenges and complexities of successful intellectual property management. We combine financial information and competitive industry with our deep knowledge of the value of intellectual property. Our experts also help customers solve a wide range of brand integrity issues through strategic brand protection investigations, counterfeits, etc.

Mystery Shopper

Inves Compliance has mystery shopper programs in order to ensure that the frontline personnel of a company or organization is carrying out the obligation to comply with the spirit and obligations branded.

This program is a valuable tool to help companies define the standards of exceptional personal service and presents an objective view of the strengths and weaknesses of customers. All this will provide a vital and impartial vision of the brand to improve the customer experience with your organization (either in person, by phone or online). These goals can be achieved by identifying key areas to improve and subsequently implement a successful strategy.

The program includes:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • General customer experience
  • Compliance
  • Staff friendliness and commitment skills
  • Sales and service processes
  • Branding on site
  • Your competitive environment
  • Training needs and effectiveness

Human Resources

“Human resources management consists in creating value in the companies through the people who make up the organization. The function of Inves Compliance is to make this value emerge, retaining it and in the necessary cases attracting it to make it available to the company’s objectives.

The information available to companies regarding the people who compose it is of a complexity and volume that makes it necessary to support technological tools that help us integrate this information and organize it for decision making.

In the life cycle of the company situations may arise in which the resources of its personnel do not adapt to a defined mission or to the objectives that require new challenges, in that case, the consultancy is oriented to a new planning of the human capital.

In the case of family businesses, anticipation, planning and training are required of those who, after reaching the second generation and successive, will assume the leadership and development of the corporate and family governance bodies.

Companies are obliged to respect equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in the workplace. For this purpose they must adopt measures aimed at avoiding any labor discrimination, they must negotiate and agree with the legal representatives of the workers as determined in the labor legislation.

For this reason, everything that is advanced in terms of Conciliation, which prevents women from abandoning their professional careers to attend to the family, will do for equality between the sexes much more than any Law of obligatory compliance, when we already know that quotas end up in some cases harming the group that you want to protect.

Although private research can provide different solutions, there are, fundamentally, two types of consolidated research, whose use has been shown to increase efficiency and reduce costs, the risk in the area of ​​HR: on the ‘curriculum vitae’ and the traditional feigned casualties “., which we advise its use always within the strictest legality and by personally duly authorized.


Background Screening

The verification of the professional trajectory of the candidates prior to hiring, with a long tradition in the Anglo-Saxon world, is already part of the corporate anti-fraud policies. For key positions or of special responsibility, the curriculum verification reports can be accompanied by a more rigorous investigation, carried out by duly authorized private detectives, expanding the information obtained from various sources and through covert approaches or with physical control tools on the investigated.

The reports prepared by InvesCompliance include verification of labor data, education, reputational image, check in different databases, history of fraud and discrete taking of testimonies of the environment.


Control of Labor Fraud

The traditional control to the worker, during his situation of supposed incapacity, continues showing like the most effective tool to detect and to neutralize this type of labor fraud. For this reason, we advise its use by hiring legally authorized personnel (the private detective), its reports and subsequent ratification before the courts (in case of not reaching a prior agreement) are a very important evidence to estimate dismissals.

Internal Investigations

In Inves Compliance we understand that the need for an internal investigation can have many possible causes. Each internal investigation must be based on the establishment of the facts, establishing this exact purpose will determine the work necessary from the beginning before reaching any conclusion on the responsibility or the steps to follow.

Whatever the cause, we help our clients to act quickly and decisively in conducting internal investigations into corruption, fraud, or other types of financial misconduct. We carry out complex research for all types of businesses across a wide range of sectors, with specialized knowledge in financial services, as well as in small and medium-sized business operations.

Our experience in forensic technology allows us to deliver advanced technological solutions in the recovery, search and analysis of complex data sets. Our clients may have access to information that can be used to deal with litigation issues and regulatory requirements.

Asset Identification and Management

Inves Compliance carries out its work as an audit and consultancy carrying out the analysis of the financial information. The monitoring of assets in an especially important element of the success of an investigation, since it can contribute to the evidence necessary to bring a case to a successful conclusion. The task of identifying and locating assets and finding control of them is sometimes difficult, since the concealment of assets, covering their trail and disguising ownership are some of the purposes where a great deal of effort is put.

Our experienced team has the necessary experience to track assets, physical, monetary and electronic, both within the jurisdiction of Spain, abroad, and at sea. Our capabilities include analytical and data tools, investigation and forensic technology, and information and intelligence gathering skills. We have relationships with specialists in a number of key places that represent different skill sets. We deploy all these resources as necessary in order to form strategies and clarify what happened to the assets.

Experience has taught us to concentrate and develop the expertise of our employees in different areas, so that they can team up with you in order to adapt a solution to your organization.

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