Seven arrested in Murcia for appropriating 50 truck

Seven arrested in Murcia for appropriating 50 truck

Agents of the National Police have arrested seven people for their alleged participation in the misappropriation of 50 truck tractor units that were to be transferred to Madrid for subsequent sale. The detainees made use of Spanish traffic plates to cover the original, Bulgarian, and circulate with 7 tractor units to Madrid. The location and arrest in the first phase of the operation of these truck drivers allowed the National Police to recover another 43 heads in two subsequent operations.

The investigation began as a result of the complaint by the administrator of the company victim of the theft of the tractor units, the complainant told the agents that another company, also dedicated to the transport sector, had improperly appropriated his trucks taking advantage of They had the same headquarters and shared parking.

With this situation, the administrator of the denounced company took advantage of the fact that all the trucks were parked in the same place to order the closure of the entrance to the parking lot, as well as the change of keys and alarms of the premises, thus illegally appropriating all the heads tractors.

As a result of the police investigation, it was possible to verify how the tractor units that had been illegally appropriated were being offered to different companies in the sector, for which a reserve amount of around 3,000 euros was requested.

It was on March 13 that the first phase of the operation was carried out. The agents of the Provincial Brigade of Judicial Police of the Higher Headquarters of Murcia, specifically, the group that is in charge of the fight against illegal traffic of vehicles carried out an operation in which it was possible to specify how seven people were driving the trucks from Murcia to Madrid using bent license plates, which is why they were intercepted and arrested for the crimes of misappropriation, falsification of documents and fraud. In this first phase of the operation, seven tractor units were recovered.

As a result of these arrests, and in a coordinated manner between the General Police Station of the Judicial Police, the Judicial Police Brigade of the Provincial Police Station of Almería and the Judicial Police Brigade of the Higher Headquarters of Murcia, two more operations were carried out in where another 39 tractor units were recovered in Almería and 4 in Madrid, finally culminating the operation with the recovery of 50 trucks and the arrest of 7 people of Spanish nationality aged between 30 and 45 years old.

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