Intelligence Division

Strategic Intelligence

In order to succeed in a globalized world, it is necessary to identify, collect and analyze intelligence sources to avoid economic losses and mitigate legal and political risks. We offer the best analysis to guarantee your goals.

Strategic intelligence research is primarily aimed at knowing the organization of its competitors and anticipating any of the strategic movements and development of their products before they appear on the market.

Having solid and proven information provides historical information and current business practices of the company, including its social accounts, products and services, suppliers, customers, credit risks, assets, financial structure and corporate reputation, and other aspects dependent on the informative need.

Our actions are key in the following areas:

  • Strategic or commercial alliances
  • Background of senior management bodies, shareholders, investors
  • Legal, financial analysis, investment policies, commercial strategy and resources
  • Contests and administrative concessions
  • Competition, new technologies and new opportunities
  • New Markets
  • Litigation, deficit investments and risks
  • Governments and international regulatory institutions


Corporate Research

Corporate investigations are essential in the world of business, since they require a wide capacity for analysis and intelligence processes, and have true specialists and experience in commercial operations, financial auditing, consulting, security and others resources.

All companies are susceptible to the consequences of disloyalty and fraud. The business world is currently immensely competitive, and some people or companies can use any means to harm their competition, including the publication of “false news” that make possible the loss of contracts and projects.

It is their responsibility to have an adequate compliance program to control and take the necessary measures to prevent, detect and mitigate any incident that may occur.

Our research services:

  • Studies on Competition and Markets
  • Risk analysis companies, sectors, services and products
  • Investigations to prevent fraud, theft, loss and embezzlement
  • Reputation or geopolitical risks
  • Mitigation of external risks
  • Competitive Benchmarking


Expert reports and opinions

  • Conflict Prevention
  • Training
  • Graphology
  • Art and Heritage
  • Opinions for separation, nullity and divorce proceedings
  • Anonymous, forgery of signatures and documents
  • Reports for accidents, traffic accidents and fires
  • Honesty of partners and employees
  • Medical-legal-forensic reports
  • Genetic and fingerprints
  • Computer Forensic Analysis and electronic evidence management
  • Experts in Economic Crimes


Litigation and Arbitration Support

In an increasingly competitive and regulated world in which we live, business is permanently threatened by numerous conflicts. Litigation appears most of the time due to causes derived from economic or personal crises. Having the necessary information, complete, and duly proven, can be decisive when facing any process before the courts of justice.

The majority of our clients are companies, lawyers, consultants, professionals and individuals, which require us to gather all the information and proven evidence to defend their legitimate interests.

Our comprehensive litigation support services include:

  • Identification and location of defendants
  • Information on witnesses and adversaries
  • Evidence in support of allegations or defense
  • Economic research
  • Identification and location of evidence
  • Support for negotiations and agreements
  • Leases
  • Evidence
  • Patents and Trademarks
  • Creditors Contests
  • Damages and Damages
  • Assets
  • Forensic Technique
  • Fraud Prevention


Experience has taught us to concentrate and develop the expertise of our employees in different areas, so that they can team up with you in order to adapt a solution to your organization.

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