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In a globalized world where most processes are carried out through connection to computer networks, cybersecurity or information technology security has become one of the biggest challenges that any organization has to face.

The rapid evolution of the internet and all its technology has allowed ample social and economic growth but with more significant risks.

Investigations of sabotage or cyber threats can be carried out within a variety of actions, from publications on social networks “fake news” defamatory, to unauthorized collection and filtering of corporate information, as well as its trade secrets, among others. The more information that circulates through the network, the greater the risk of theft or misappropriation.

We offer a wide range of physical and computer security consulting in different areas of action detailed below.

Mobile Forensic Expertise

The team of specialists we have performs forensic analysis of mobile devices. Its job is to recover the information in the memory of the devices in order to obtain the necessary evidence to develop the corresponding expert report. All our reports are made by judicial computer experts with extensive experience in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.

Our experts also work on the security of this type of mobile devices due to the large number of spying and surveillance risks that can be run.

In this process we can analyze any mobile device regardless of the operating system it has (Android, iOS, Windows, Phone or any other). We can retrieve information as detailed:

  • Call logs, including call history deleted from the SIM
  • Contacts
  • Telephone data (IMEI / ESN, telephone number)
  • ICCID and IMSI
  • Photographs and videos
  • Wathsapp or conversations in other apps (Line, Viber, Facebook, etc …)
  • Sound files
  • SIM location information: TMSI, MCC, MNC, LAC
  • Graphic geotags on Google Map

The presentation as judicial evidence of conversations and images exchanged through the mobile application “WhatsApp” is increasingly frequent.

These conversations become fundamental evidence to demonstrate, prove, declare, evidence or accuse in trials of all fields, whether labor, family, civil or criminal.

This evidence should not be presented in improperly , as there is a risk that it would be dismissed by the court of law.

These conversations and images exchanged through “WhatsApp” must be extracted from the mobile phone correctly. This is done through specific software that extract the information in properly . The information is stored to make the corresponding expert report that will be presented in the litigation as evidence.


Electronic Countermeasures

Corporate espionage is a real and increasingly frequent threat in today’s market. The use of electronic surveillance devices to intercept secret communications can provide very sensitive information. Therefore, the key when it comes to eavesdropping electronics is to be proactive since in the wrong hands this information can have devastating effects that are often impossible to recover. The threat is real, the disadvantage is huge.

Our researchers recommend annual inspections, as well as inspections immediately before critical meetings. Our experts will advise you on the steps you must take to secure your vulnerability installations.

Normally called ‘environmental scanning’ or ‘electronic countermeasures’ detects the presence and locates the different electronic listening and monitoring systems, both active and passive, analyzing the existing and possible security failures. We must protect our computer equipment or ‘smartphones’ to avoid being monitored or controlled by the different existing techniques. We must pay special attention to the informática computer countermeasure ’with increasing risk.

Computer forensics

Our experts dedicated to the fight against computer security perform vulnerability analysis and help reduce security risks caused by threats outside the organization, such as computer attacks, viruses, spyware, hackers, etc., developing processes and ways of preventing them.

The computer forensics , therefore, is of real importance today. In recent years, the information society in which we live is growing exponentially.

This growth has caused most of the information to be created, stored and traveled through technological devices . Computers create and store both public and private documents.

Computer expertise extracts the information stored on a computer, the files and their movements. So we can find the information or tests that are being sought in this type of devices.


Security Audit

We have a team of experts dedicated to the fight against computer security. The vulnerability analysis team helps reduce security risks caused by threats outside the organization, such as computer attacks, viruses, spyware, hackers, etc., developing processes and ways to prevent them.

One of the most important computer attacks that an organization must take into account are the attacks of the employees themselves, called ‘Insiders’. They represent a threat to the company, as they have the knowledge and access to the systems, which allows them to bypass security measures. Insiders will also use their privileged position to carry out information theft, unfair competition, etc. These internal threats require different strategies for prevention and resolution.


Experience has taught us to concentrate and develop the expertise of our employees in different areas, so that they can team up with you in order to adapt a solution to your organization.

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