Ethical code

Our fundamental principles of action are the following:


  1. Independence. We will act with all freedom and independence, without other limitations than those imposed by law, or by ethical or deontological norms, being this act, guarantee of objectivity in the development of our professional activity.
  2. Honesty. We are truthful, loyal in the performance of our functions and in the relationship with their clients, colleagues and public administrations, observing the greatest deference and avoiding with the same conflict positions.
  3. Dignity. We act in accordance with the rules of honor and dignity, refraining from any behavior that involves infringement or discredit.
  4. Customer interest. We diligently serve your client’s interests.
  5. Reserved Character. Our staff has the right and duty to keep professional secrecy of all the facts and news that you know because of your professional performance and will comply with the provisions of the current regulations on Data Protection.
  6. Commitment. The commitment to the search for truthfulness obliges us to report only on facts of which it knows its origin, and obtained, where appropriate, through material or technical means that They may not violate the right to honor, personal or family privacy or to the image itself or to the secrecy of communications.
  7. Veracity. The veracity of the information provided in their actions towards their client and before the Administration of Justice protects their freedom of expression and the duty of ratification, which must be exercised in a responsible manner.

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